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Elaine Hilides

Wellbeing from the Inside Out

Wellbeing Coaching from the Inside Out

Everyone looks for wellbeing and I’m sure that you’re the same?  You’ve probably got all the self help books you can find on your bookshelf? Maybe you gauge how insecure, discontent or unhappy you are by the amount of books Amazon deliver?  Books that promise the answers but, someone, never deliver?

You know that there must  be an answer?  You know that there is more to life but you just can’t figure out how to get it?  

That is where I can help you to find freedom from stress, anxiety, addiction, diets and old, stale beliefs about your life and about yourself.

Wellbeing coaching is very different from traditional life coaching. Wellbeing coaching is a transformational space that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be sooner than you thought possible.  A space where you can get clarity to have an exceptional life.  A space to really discover why, and how, wellbeing really is from the inside out.

The simple truth is, no matter what issue you’re dealing with, you’re only ever dealing with one thing – your thinking.

And the best part is that it is so simple.

There is nothing to do, nothing to learn, all you have to do is to reset your default button and start living in wellbeing.

Do you want to …

Feel less stressed …


But everyone gets stressed, don’t they? I’m not talking about the moments that we all experience from time to time.  I’m talking about the debilitating feeling that some people live with every day.

Everyday stress that affects your health, happiness and wellbeing.

But what if everything you knew about stress was wrong?  What if you didn’t have to experience it everyday?  How will you feel when that happens?

Enjoy better relationships …


I wish I could guarantee that you will never have another argument and only have loving thoughts about your partner – but I can’t.

But I can show you how to have the relationship that you want 95% of the time.

You don’t have to try and change your partner or work too hard on the relationship to live in love and harmony.

Sounds too easy? That’s because it is.

See life differently …


Do you ever feel ‘stuck’? Doing the same thing, thinking the same thoughts, limited by old beliefs and habits?

Believing that this is who you are and it is too difficult to change?

Unable to lose weight, change job, stop drinking so much or anything else that overwhelms you?

How about if I told you that you can change your beliefs, your moods and emotions in a heartbeat?

What would you do if you could do anything?

Let go …

Would you like to let go and really relax?  To let go of urgent, frantic thinking?  To let go of any obsessive compulsive behaviours. To feel peaceful?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can have that feeling whenever you want, whatever your circumstances?

I’ll share the secret of how you can access your own resilience, wellbeing and peace of mind.

Online courses for you to enjoy at your leisure

Happy with Cancer

Is it possible to be happy with cancer?

Absolutely and I’m living proof that it’s possible.  Not once but twice. Not happy to have cancer but happy despite it.

Find out how to take the fear out of cancer and the joy back in to your life.

Coming soon


4 Week Reset Transformation Programme

Press the Reset button with this transformational programme.

Week one – Mind. How to become an ideas machine and live a Hell Yes life.

Week two – Body. How to give yourself a younger body and feel happier in your skin.

Week three – Wealth. How to transform your money attitude and resist emotional spending.

Week four – Self. How to give yourself the gift of time and become your own best friend.

Overcoming Overwhelm

Overcoming Overwhelm

Would you like to overcome overwhelm?



  • What is Overwhelm?
  • Overwhelm in Relationships
  • Overwhelm in Parenting
  • Overwhelm at Work
  • How do you Overwhelm Overwhelm>
  • And be free forever.
Be free from addiction

Break Free from Addiction

Addiction isn’t an illness.  Flu is an illness.

Addiction is always 5% physical and 95% mental and this course can show you how to break free of the thoughts you have about your addiction and about yourself.



  • The psychology behind this course.
  •  What is addiction?
  • How Identity keeps you trapped in addiction
  • The role of connection
  • How different treatments work

Join the only membership you’ll ever need to keep your mind and body healthy and happy

Why should you work with me?

In 2009, I was introduced to the missing link between the way we think and the way we act and this changed both my life and the way I work with people.

Again and again, I see clients experience transformation in their life.  Transformation that lasts.

Oh, and I’m also a Three Principles Trainer, coach, International Speaker, Author and Online Course creator.