How Can I Help You?

Do you suffer from Anxiety and Stress?

Anxiety and stress

Anxiety causes stress and we all know how it feels when we’re stressed. The palpitations, the sudden sweats, the flight or fight syndrome. But where does stress come from? Scientists can measure how stress changes the biochemistry of the body and we can see how stress damages health but that doesn’t explain where it comes from?

In reality stress does not exist. Stress just appears to exist. I know that can sound ludicrous if you feel as if you’re in the middle of a stressful situation but stress is inflicted by your own thinking. You know stress is mind made. How else can you explain panic attacks or feelings of anxiety that you might experience whilst you’re sitting on your sofa at home?

We are always feeling our thinking, as soon as we have a thought, we are going to have a feeling. Stress happens when you get caught up in your thinking and react to circumstances and people around you. It feels as if the outside world has power over you, you might think your stressful feelings are coming from your partner, your children, your boss. How could you not feel stressed?

Let me help you to see where these feelings are really coming from and how you can be free from living in stress and anxiety.

Would you like to enjoy better relationships?


We all want to have a good relationship, don’t we? Whether that’s with a romantic partner, family members, parents, children or work colleagues.

It’s so easy to get caught up in how we think other people should behave, get upset about the way we’re being treated or to feel as if we’ve fallen out of love.

Would you like to know how you can have the relationships you’ve always wanted?

Let me show you how.

I work with individuals suffering relationship issues and I also work with couples.

Do you think that it’s impossible to love food and lose weight?

love food and lose weight

You know that diets don’t work. Diets don’t help you to lose weight. If they did, there would only be one and you would only need to go on it once.

I’ve been working in the weight loss field for over a decade and have successfully shared a new way of thinking about yourself and food and a new way of eating with hundreds of clients.

How many times have you started a diet and had an initial feeling of euphoria where everything looks hopeful?

But, then, after a few days, the thought of eating ‘sensibly’ stretches out into infinity and it feels as if eating like this requires too much effort and willpower.

Until now.