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Would you like to be a Freedom from Diets Forever Facilitator?

Have you had a massive shift in mindset and weight and want to share this with others but don’t know where to start?
That’s why I created the Freedom from Diets Forever Facilitator training.

Become a Freedom from Diets Forever Licensed Facilitator and help people explore why they eat the way they do and, more importantly, why they think about food the way they do.

This training will provide you with everything you need to run your own groups, either online or in person, or work individually with clients to help them to see through the reasons they think they can’t shift the weight.

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You’ll show clients how they can get out of the cycle of dieting and depriving themselves and then doing it all over again.

You’ll show them how to be present to their food and to recognise the signals telling them when they’re full.

How can I become a Freedom from Diets Forever Facilitator?

This training is only for those who have, at least, a basic understanding of the role that thought plays in the way we live our lives.

You will have two full days training which can be taken as two days, four half days or however fits in with your life.

Bonus materials to share with your clients including an ebook created for this training and an online video course for your clients to watch at their leisure.

You don’t need to be a nutritionist to become a Freedom from Diets Forever Practitioner as you are showing your clients why they eat the way they do and not what to eat. 

This training will not enable you to work as a coach, that requires a different training, but will give you everything you need to work as a Freedom from Diets Forever Practitioner. Many practitioners love this work so much that they do decide to undertake further training to become a qualified coach but that is not necessary.

How can I work with clients?



You can set create a 6 week online programme where you can host weekly webinars.

You can choose a topic from the bonus material and have a fun session together.

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Or you can meet your group in person where you set a theme and then discuss the way the group members feel about the topic and help them to see through any issues they feel they have.

Or you can have individual clients and see them in person or online.

The choice is yours.

And to help you set up and facilitate your groups and clients, you receive a Facilitators manual.

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And, as well as getting you in person, your clients get these bonuses

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An ebook with chapters on:

  • K.I.S.S.
  • Let me tell you a Story
  • Are you a Comfort Eater?
  • Listen to your Body, not your Head
  • Do you have the right Mindset to Lose Weight
  • Is it Easy to Change?
  • Can you Fail?

Full length course created just for this licence with videos on:

  • Do you think you lack willpower?
  • What do you call yourself?
  • Do you ever feel deprived?
  • Are you a food addict?
  • Self Sabotage
  • Aim for health
  • The link between stress and weight



And all this for an investment of £997.00

Full two day training, Facilitators manual, client bonuses and a Freedom from Diets Forever one time payment Licence

For more information and details how you can sign up, email me at