Break Free from Addiction

Module 1: The Psychology behind this course


  • The psychology behind this course
  • Claire
  • What do Addiction and Disney have in common?

6 minutes


Module 2: What is Addiction


  • What is Addiction?
  • Are you ‘stuck’ in your addiction?
  • Have you heard the story of the Golden Buddha?
  • Why do some people become addicted?
  • What addiction isn’t
  • I’ve heard addiction is down to Dopamine.
  • But I never get a hangover?

26 minutes

Module 3: Identity


  • Who are you?
  • What else do you call yourself?
  • But I’ve got an addictive personality
  • Is it possible to change?

19 minutes

Module 4: Connection


  • Are you enough?
  • Addiction and Vulnerability
  • But the pain of rejection is real
  • The Alexander Experiment
  • But it’s too difficult to stop

27 minutes

Module 5: Treatment


  • What type of treatment is best?
  • Addiction programmes are not for me
  • How about other treatment models?
  • What happens after treatment?
  • Mental withdrawal
  • What happens if I relapse?
  • and so to end …

28 minutes

addiction cover




Full ebook to read at your leisure included in course material.


Here is an overview of the modules.

This course uses drugs as it’s focus but the information can free you from whatever your drug of choice may be, whether that’s food, smoking, alcohol or cocaine as the addiction compulsions are the same whatever the focus.

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