Do you want more confidence?  To feel confident in all situations?

You may have been led to believe that confidence is out there, it’s something that you can learn or practice but confidence is built in. It comes as default. You can’t lose confidence and you don’t need to build confidence, all you need to do is to uncover it.

Confidence, like resilience and peace of mind, are always available but just like everything else that comes built in, confidence gets covered up by layers of thought. It’s like hanging a bag on a coat hook and then someone comes along and hangs a coat over the bag. And then maybe another coat gets put on to of that coat. The bag hasn’t disappeared, it just got covered up and needs to be uncovered. Once you take the layers of coat off the hook, you’ll find the bag again.

Babies don’t lack confidence. You were confident enough to know when it was time to walk and confident enough not to mind if you fell down a few times before you got the hang of it. You were confident enough to try out your voice and then learn to talk. So where do you think that confidence has gone?

Let me help you to uncover the innate confidence you were born with.