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The Three Principles and how to share them with family and friends

Are you new to the Three Principles and would love an overview?

Or have you been impacted by this understanding but can’t find the right words to share what you’ve seen with others?

Get lifetime access to nearly 5 hours of video, audio and an accompanying ebook for only £97 – less than an individual session.

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Break Free from Addiction

Addiction isn’t an illness.  Flu is an illness.

Addiction is always 5% physcial and 95% mental and this course can show you how to break free of the thoughts you have about your addiction and about yourself.


  • the psychology behind this course
  • what is addiction
  • how identity keeps you trapped in addiction
  • the role of connection
  • how different treatements work

All this for just £27

Reset 4 week

4 week Reset Transformation Programme

Press the Reset button with this transformational programme.

Week one – Mind.  How to become an ideas machine and live a Hell Yes life.

Week two – Body.  How to give yourself a younger body and feel happier in your skin.

Week three – Wealth.  How to transform your money attitude and resist emotional spending.

Week four – Self. How to give yourself the gift of time and become your own best friend.

All this for just £27

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Overcoming Overwhelm

Would you like to overcome overwhelm?


  • what is overwhelm?
  • overwhelm in relationships
  • overwhelm in parenting
  • overwhelm at work
  • how do you overcome overwhelm and be free forever?