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Can You Trust Your Inner Narrator?

Whose voice do you hear inside your head?  Does your narrator say nice things or constantly criticise?


How to Let Go of Old Habits

Habits are easy to acquire and harder to get rid of.  Or are they?  Would you like to drop old, unwanted habits?


Are you aware of the beliefs you’re running?  Are they your beliefs or did you inherit them?


Does change seem too challenging?  Maybe make one small change at a time.

Declutter Your Head

You might consider decluttering your home or your wardrobe but how about decluttering your head to make room for new fresh thought.

You're More Resilient Than You Know

Do you know that resilience is built in?  You don’t need to build it up or strengthen it, it is always there once you strip away the layers of thought and uncover it.


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Remap Your Life Interview


Listen to this interview where I talk about my cancer journey and how to be healthy in mind and body.


How Not to Take Things Personally

Watch this interview with the VIVA team and learn how not to take things personally even when it feels personal.

Watch this talk from the Helsinki conference where I talk about the mind and body connection and how all health is inside out.

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