Freedom from Diets Forever

Join me on an exploration of why we eat the way we do

and, more importantly, why we think the way we do

Read some of the testimonials from the first group ...

The past 6 weeks of engaging with Elaine in the Freedom from Diets Forever program has been fantastic. I was at a stage where I have tried every diet going and I suspect, I have read most of all the well known diet books and I have just been getting bigger and bigger.

I knew deep down there was a different way. I knew that diets just is not the way but I had no idea where to start - and more importantly I hadn’t realised the impact my thoughts were having on how I approached eating and food in general. -Well that’s not the case anymore after having met Elaine! 
Elaine is a wonderful lady, whose wisdom, knowledge, straight talk and obvious care for all of us in the group, makes the perfect setting for insights and wisdom to flourish. Often we were all caught in habitual thinking and ‘well that’s just the type of person I am’ thinking, and Elaine’s way of challenging these perceptions has been real ‘light bulb’ moments for me. 
The support and guidance Elaine offers during the 6 weeks is fantastic. 
I will also mention Elaine’s book, which I read before starting and for me the information has been life changing, in regards to which foods are hugely beneficial to eat, which once are not and the reasons for this. I thought I knew all of this, but Elaine’s book really made it all hit home and is helping me change my eating habits. 
I can’t recommend the 6 weeks program enough. It’s just brilliant. 

The Freedom from Diets programme was a wonderful experience and a privilege to be part of.  I have followed diets for years, but now all my feelings and thoughts of food are changed and weight has fallen off me! Elaine is so professional, knowledgeable and humorous.

Thank you, Elaine x 


Elaine is kind and patient and treats everyone with love and understanding. The course was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed listening and hearing from others as well as Elaine's gentle guidance in all areas around food and the way we think and behave around it.
Thanks for all your encouragement and help.

What if you could eat what you want without thinking about it?

Let me introduce you to a new paradigm, a new fresh way for you to look at food and weight.

We all know that Diets don't work.  If they did there would only be one and you'd only go on it once.

So what if, instead of yet another Diet, I could introduce you to a simple understanding that could transform your relationship with food and with yourself?

Well I can!

What I am proposing is a new way to think about food, about your beliefs about food, and about yourself. To enable you to want to eat the kind of foods that your body loves and that keep you happy and healthy.

Using my approach, you'll have the body you want easily and effortlessly and much sooner than you thought possible. 

Would you like to come on this journey with me?

This course is made for you if ...

 You comfort eat when you are unhappy, alone, bored or stressed? Together we will identify the triggers that cause you to eat foods that are high in calories and bad for your body and we'll eliminate these triggers forever.

You don't want to deprive yourself of food?  Learn why you don't need willpower.

Do you think that you'll never lose weight?


You're fed up with the cycle of dieting and depriving yourself only to find that after a short time the weight piles back on? Learn why this happens and how to avoid this cycle.

You find yourself thinking about food all the time except when you are actually eating?  Learn how to be present to your food and recognise the signals your body is giving you to tell you when you are full.

I've worked with, literally, hundreds of clients helping them to get the body they want easily and effortlessly.  

How have I done this?  

By counting calories?


By giving them a list of prescribed foods to eat?


By telling them how to manage their cravings?


I've shared with my clients a new way of looking at life, to see how all of our issues with food and weight stem from a misunderstanding and I'll share this with you too.

I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life avoiding your ‘favourite’ foods. I want you to have the freedom to eat in a way that makes you feel fabulous and healthy. There is no magic wand, the magic is inside you and I’m going to help you to remember this.

What will you get on this course?  

Every week for 6 weeks, we will have an online zoom call (each call will be recorded so you don't need to worry about missing one) to discuss the common problems everyone comes across when they are on a weight loss journey.

And there are bonuses!

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a pdf copy of my no.1 Amazon Kindle book, 'MindFullness: The No-Diet Diet' and a copy of my bestselling course, 'Love Food and Lose Weight without Dieting'.

The current programme is full 

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And you get these bonuses too!

So how will this work?

On Monday 4th June at 6.30pm (UK time) we'll have our first online zoom call where I'll talk about the subject of the week and then open up to you for discussion.

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