Happy with Cancer

Not happy to have it but happy despite it

Let’s take the fear out of cancer and enable you to live your best life wherever you are on your cancer journey

We’re going to work on your Mind and your Body to get you to the best place possible

I know what it’s like when you’re confused and frustrated and bomarded with different information.  Your head is in a whirl and you can’t shut the fearful thoughts out.  

You feel as if you’re suddenly a cancer victim.  But you’re not a victim, you’re still the you you were before your diagnosis. I’ll help you to remember this.

You don’t know what to eat, should you change your diet completely?  Cut out sugar? Or should you eat everything you want the way your consultant advises?  I’ll take the confusion out of food and help you to eat in a way that aids your recovery and helps to prevent recurrence.

How can I do this?  Because I’ve been there.   I can help you to adopt an anti cancer lifestyle without the angst and worry of trying to figure it out alone.

Whatever stage of your journey you’re on, I’ll hold your hand and guide you on the easiest path so that you can feel happy despite having cancer.



Together we can take the fear out of your cancer journey.  Whether you’re worried about the treatment, the prognosis or managing other people’s emotions, I’ll help you to see how fear and worry can dissolve like mist in the sunshine.

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We’ll look at how neurology influences physiology and how letting go of fearful thinking helps your body to heal and recover.  I’ll take the confusion out of what to eat to support your immune system and your recovery without spending hours in the kitchen and which exercises are beneficial for recovery and to prevent recurrence.

Self care

Reminding you to nourish yourself inside and out


It can be so easy to forget to spend time on the little things that bring you pleasure – and I’m here to remind you how

head full of worry

Worried about Recurrence

Once your treatment is over, you might feel worried about a recurrene;. You might find that you’re constantly scanning yourself for signs that cancer has returned and your so stressed yiou feel as if your head will explode.

I understand.  And I can help.

lost scaled

You feel Lost

Once your treatment finishes you might feel lost.  Your life has been a flurry of hospital appointments, surgery and recovery.  Friends and family may have visited or phoned and you knew which step to take next.

And then, suddenly, it can feel as if you’re alone. Your consultant doesn’t need to see you for a few months and people have gone back to their own lives.

What do you do now?

You’re not alone

Together we can get your life back

and make it even better than before

Find out how we can work together