Mind and Body Academy

The programme for True Transformation

What is Mind and Body Academy?

This membership is for anyone who knows that there is more to life.  It's an understanding of why you keep running the same old programmes and habits and eating in a way that isn't serving you.

Or maybe you're feelig anxious or stressed and that's why you eat and drink the way you do?  In this programme, we'll look at these areas and how you can be free of these feelings.

When Mind and Body work together, that's when you have transformation.

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What's included in the membership?

Transform your mind


A weekly video for you talking about why we behave the way we do and how easy and effortless it is to let go of all the old habits and behaviours.

Everything can change in a moment, even when nothing changes.


Articles that engage your brain as we discuss what we think and what we do in a variety of ways.

Transform the way you eat

Nutritional News

As well as looking at the way we think about food, it's also good to know what food does to our mind and body.


Each week, there'll be a new plant-based recipe for you to try.  These recipes are not diet recipes, they're not low fat or carb free. But they are healthy and so tasty that the whole family will love them.

Stay connected


Each month we have a 60 minute webinar where you can be coached if you choose or we can just hang out.  The webinars are via zoom and recorded so you don't have to worry about missing one.

Private Facebook group

We have a private facebook group where ou can get yourself an accountability buddy if you want, share insights or ask questions.  It's up to you.

Coming soon!

Brand new programme for members included in membership fee

Press the reset button with this transformational programme

3o days to find the new you

Week One - Mind

Week Two - Body

Week Three - Wealth

Week Four - Self

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