Reset 4 week

This Reset programme transforms every part of your life from the inside out

Week One: Mind

Day 1: Exercise your mind with the Arts

Day 2: Get yourself a morning ritual

Day 3: Become an ideas machine

Day 4: Give yourself a Hell Yes life

Day 5: Get more time with the Pomodoro method

Day 6: Challenge yourself to learn something new

Day 7:  How to think small to achieve big goals

48 minutes


Week Two: Body

Day 1: Get yourself a younger body – without surgery

Day 2: Take a fresh look at meal planning

Day 3: Do you know what happens when you get an early night?

Day 4: Transform your exercise attitude

Day 5: Find out the fasting benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Day 6: Do you know how essential oils affect all aspects of health?

Day 7: Make yourself your project

63 minutes


Week Three: Wealth

Day 1: Rethink your money attitude

Day 2: Time to get to know your money

Day 3: How to take responsibility for your money

Day 4: Look at emotional spending

Day 5: Let’s talk about financial self-sabotage

Day 6: Transform your money attitude

Day 7: How to live rich

55 minutes

Week Four: Self

Day 1: What self are you transforming?

Day 2: Give yourself the gift of time

Day 3: How to have fun by yourself

Day 4: Be kind to yourself by being kind to others

Day 5: Be your own best friend

Day 6: Have a complaint free day

Day 7: Write a letter to yourself 

52 minutes





Full ebook to read at your leisure included in course material.

Transformative Four Week Programme


This is not a standard four week transformation programme with diet sheets and exercise plans.

Become the best version of you in just four weeks.

And all for just £27.00

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