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What are the Three Principles?

The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought were uncovered in 1973 by a Scottish Welder called Sydney Banks. This uncovering, although not ‘new’, after all this understanding is the touchstone of most religions and faiths, has led to remarkable transformations amongst people from all walks of life. People are touched by the Three Principles of Divine Mind, Consciousness and Thought because when people learn about the powerful resources that lie inside all of us, miracles happen and lives are transformed.

Here is a short video to explain the 3 principles


How can talking about mind help you to get over your problems?  This creative, intelligent and innate source of life sustains everything in nature, including us, and gives us the power to create a mental life that can be abundant, forgiving, exciting and fulfilling.  Recognising the power of the mind will help you to see problems and issues in a different way.


Consciousness brings our thoughts to life.  It makes us aware that we are alive and thinking. It is what makes our thinking look so real, every thought you have is brought to life through the gift of consciousness.


Thought gives us our moment to moment reality.  We are always feeling our thinking and whatever we are thinking feels real. But what is thought?  Thought is energy in our heads, and it is the frame that we put on that energy that gives us our thought and our feeling.  It may look like we are reacting to circumstances out there but even our reaction is made of thought so we are reacting to our own thought rather than the circumstances.

Hear me talking in 2013 to Rudy Kennard and Jenny Anderson about how I coach with the three principles and how this understanding has changed my life.  Click the link to watch the video on Vimeo.